Is Poor Sleep Leaving You Infertile?

A lack of sleep can have a significant impact on fertility. If we want to improve our chances of conception we need to ensure we are well rested. More than one third of Americans are not getting enough sleep. Are you?

I want to get pregnant. When do I stop taking the pill?

Learn how to optimize fertility AFTER being on the birth control pill, how long it takes your body to recover, and strategies for reducing negative effects of oral contraceptives.

Research Shows Exercise Can Cause Infertility

There is no doubt that physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but can too much exercise cause detrimental effects on fertility? The truth is, the intensity and frequency of exercise plays a large role on the chances of pregnancy.

Link between moderate coffee drinking and infertility

A study that looked at caffeine intake and delayed conception found that even moderate caffeine intake could delay time to conception by 11% and increase the risk of pregnancy loss.

Iron and Fertility: Low iron leads to low fertility

It is often well known that we require optimal iron stores and an increased supply of iron during pregnancy. In fact, during pregnancy our iron needs...